Friday, July 1, 2011

It's a Niche type thing

For the last decade of my life I have been trying to find that niche.  You know what I mean, that place where you fit in, you're accepted, where you feel like you.  For the past 5 years of my life I have begun to narrow that niche slowly.  With every day, week, month, year, etc, I am getting closer.  I dabble here and I dabbled there.  Found what works and what doesn't.

All along my travels I have found a lost part of myself.  I grew up a Boy Scout in the mountains of New York.  I spent summers camping, tying knots, building fires, a real woodsman.  As I grew older I moved from the mountains to the plains.  The scenary did not allow for the adventures I was accustomed to.  So I moved more towards my athletics and work.

Now that I am settled in my life, career, and family I have found those old passions alive and well.  Now I am able to share those moments with my boys and wife.  In planning our summer vacation all our plans revolved around our passions.  Triathlons, training, camping, climbing, you name it we have bcome a regular family Robinson .

I found that these activities bring a peace and solice to my life.  After years of struggle and searching for that something, I am now able to enjoy it with my family.  I believe having a clear focus will help anyone find their niche sooner.  Though I must say that the journey to get this point was well worth all the emotions involved.  I encourage you to find your niche, share it, and help others to find theirs.  It is just as rewarding to see others find peace and joy in their passions as it is to find your own.

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