Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who is your Governor?

  As this blog thingy continues I try not to force topics or make up moments.   I try my hardest not to be fake in any manner and truly wish to be inspiring and insightful.  My company, around which the blogs coincides, I will write about the values I try to speak and teach to my athletes and customers.  With that being said I had one of those, "I have to write about this moments."
  This morning I enjoyed a fun ride with my wife and a friend.  While it had it's pertinent workout moments this ride taught me, or rather, reminded me of why I do what I do.  The weather was quite perfect for a hammer palooza on my whip, but I held back.  I kept looking over my shoulder at my wife working her darnedest to keep pace.  Our friend was somewhere between the two of us working equally hard.  I chose to focus on a different method of work for today.  How long could I push the same gear.
  I read a lot and I have studied most of the tricks of the trade when it comes to training and I have come to a conclusion.  They forget the utmost important principle: Enjoy what you do.  It is my opinion that you can mix fun, enjoyment, and a desire to be the best in a beneficial manner.  It just takes a little perspective.  We all try to be the best in one way or another.  But many times we get trapped by numbers, we become focused solely on output.  We become data focused. 
  With my goal to push the same gear for 40 miles I was able to really see how far I have come as a rider and athlete.  I challenged myself up the climbs, and even surprised myself a bit.  Was it the best ride I have ever had, no.  Was it the hardest route I have ever done, no.  Was it rewarding, yes.  Was it enjoyable, yes.  It was a different ride, better yet, it was entirely off the cuff.  I had the ability to change it up.  It was still a workout, but, I didn't care about numbers and focused more on the challenge ahead.
  My wife and I rode into town together, as she spoke of her numbers and how satisfied she was with her effort, I reminded her, was it fun?  Did you enjoy the ride?  Then it was a good ride regardless of the outcome.  There comes a time to leave the numbers, data, and hard focus on the side of the road.  Today was one of those days.  So as you are out there in the daily grind, remember you are your own governor. Either let it loose and seize the moment or focus too much and miss the big picture.  Just a by the way, I did hit my goal but I did shift once... to a harder gear at least.   

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