Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shameless Plug, but you must read on!

NOTE: To my normal readers, this is a shameless plug blog.  I encourage you to read and then make your own informed choice the next time you decide to put in a spinning video. There is no financial gain, nor is there any contract between me and the great team at the SUFFERFEST.

I was going through all the many inboxes I have and doing a little winter cleaning.  I found that I had one email of the upmost importance that I was not aware of.  I recieved an opportunity to download, preview, ride too, and then send in my thoughts on a new spinning video.  Well here it is, two and a half months later and the video has hit the market, and I (finally) got  it as a gift from a friend.

In the upper midwest I spend a lot of time on the trainer especially in the winter months.  I have experimented with a wide varitey of training tools while on the turbo. Movies, old triathlons, cheesy 90's trainer videos, and then my world was turned upside down when a friend turned me on to this new video series by the guys at Sufferfest.  I quickly went to the lab (not so much a lab as it is a cold dark room with my bike and a turbo) and played this new video.  It surely had to be different than all the basic videos out there.  I mean a guy can only take so much synthesized music and a man standing there talking to you while watching other people on their turbos.

Well I found that the SUFFERFEST videos were much more than a training tool.  The manner in which they can suck you in is amazing.  Real music, real race footage, various perspectives, and a sarcastic tone to boot!  This has become my most favorite training tool to date.  When it comes to spinning there truly is no substitute.  I am hoping to someday become worthy enough to wear the title of minion.

The newest entry into the stable of videos available at www.thesufferfest.com entitled "The Wretched" is in my opinion outstanding.  Basing the workout on the course from the 2012 Olympics as well as Tour footage keep the workout moving and make you feel like you truly are racing the top pros.  The music is fitting and I have found it to always meet the pace at the right time.  Plus where else can you race with the top pros and beat them, because you can not let your homeland of Sufferlandria down.

When it comes to spin videos there are none that hold a candle to the Suffefest stable.  I am never one to use my blog as an endorsing or money making device, so rest assured there is no financial gain on my end.  There is only pain and motivation. 

When you get ready to hit the turbo, and you plug in your Sufferfest video of choice, you begin the journey of representing Sufferlandria.  Avoid the flogging, and earn your place on the national team.  Keep to the cadence, pass up the donuts, and don't get caught looking at the butterflies.  The Sufferfest welcomes you with open arms, if only you can get your legs to shut up long enough to hold you upright. 

Now quit reading and get ready to set your goals for 2013 a bit higher.