Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Same guy, New direction

Ready to hurt for 15 minutes
Well hey there.  Been a while, nearly two years since I last took to the keyboard.  My life has changed in a few ways.  I now have a teenager/high schooler and a 3rd grader/thinks he is a high schooler.  My wife and I still compete in Ironman racing though we  are resigned to one a year due to the above growing boys.  Cycling has become a family passion as much as wine (not so much a family passion there as much as it is my wife's and mine).

I have been reflecting greatly on the company that I started nearly 5 years ago and where it is headed.  I can safely say that it has changed. I set out to help people learn to be better athletes.  I would like to think I truly helped most of those that solicited my services.  Over the past year I turned to focus on consulting and or any other needs such as speaking at lunch and learns and the like.

So hear I am. 2016.  My wife and I have another Ironman scheduled and again we are headed to Texas.  The rest of our year will be spent chasing our boys sometimes literally on their bikes across the US. I am excited about this newest chapter.  Seeing my boys go fast and learn the life lessons that only bike racing can teach is exhilarating. Hard work, team work, sportsmanship, and a desire to succeed are among the many qualities that every race brings. 

My family takes precedence over everything. My boys are growing fast and I certainly don't want to miss any of it.  Whether I am racing with them, against them, or cheering from the sidelines I want to be involved. Family is what made me and that is where you will find the same guy with new name. I have always challenged those to be better in all that they do.  And today I challenge myself to do the same.

Connor attacking at State Championships

Which brings me to where I think my little company is headed.
I do believe that change is good.  It makes us better, stronger, and more prepared to handle what life brings. First there will be a change in my company's name.  I had put a lot of thought into this and my motives have changed so will the name.  In February I will change to "Bern'd". Since I am not just a coach and have more desire to take my company in a different direction I think the new name will make me more identifiable.

As for the future with Bern'd you will see more posts on races, new races and series, and other musings. I will still offer coaching, but honestly, it is for the beginner athletes.  Consulting and speaking will also be available.  I hope to continue with some race production as I have a criterium scheduled (the Wyatt Woods Shootout) and possibly a return of my Stinkfoot 5k/10

I hope to have more to come and invite you to follow me in this journey.

Mi Familia - Me, Connor, Kerrie, & Cooper