Monday, December 17, 2012

Effort, Courage, Commit - A guest blog

I was kindly reminded the other day that I have not written a blog in a while.  Well I truly apologize to my loyal readers for this.  I have always intended this blog to be well thought and introspective.  For that to be its' purpose it often takes me a while to have inspiration hit.  With that said, my eldest son Connor (11), took it upon himself to write an entry for me.  I read it.  It was pretty good.  Apparently some lessons I preach at home are starting to take hold.  So enjoy this entry courtesy of Connor:

"Effort... It is not what you do, it is how you do it.  Without effort you have no courage.  And without courage you have no leadership.  And without leadership you have no effortand that brings us back to the beginning.

You also need to commit to the effort.  If you don't commit all the effort will fade away a little at a time.  You commit to the things that you do most in other ways they are called habits.

Some habits can be good but others can be bad.  You don't want too many bad habits because they can get you in trouble.  Like you have a lying habit it could get you in trouble if you do it too much.

So without effort, courage, and if you don't commit to what you are doing you are not a very wise person or how some people would say it, you have no guts.  So you need those also with bravery to sometimes do what is right."

I know my son put a lot of effort into the piece above.  Like him many of us are unsure of where to put our efforts.  It takes courage to stand for the things you think are right.  The past couple of months have seen some changes in our household.  We have had many conversations about what it takes to not only be successful but what it means and what takes be an individual.  Connor is learning as is little Cooper.  If I may add to my son's thoughts a bit, a couple of adjectives he left out were pride and purpose.

Connor is on the right path.  It takes time and understanding to be all of the adjectives we described above.  But above all things it takes someone to be true and honest with themselves and with those around them.  Once that happens the effort, courage, commitment, pride, and purpose will all fall into place.  In this holiday season take time to be with your families and have the conversations about what it is that makes your family tick.

 If we can all find that ground we can all share and stand proudly on, it should be a great and very interesting 2013.