Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let's Get it Started

I have reached that time of year where it is time to get the ball rolling.  My offseason if there is such a thing is quickly coming to an end.  I have used the past couple of months to refocus and enjoy time with my family.  My body has recovered, for the most part, and is ready for the next year's punishment.  This offseason has brought about a couple of new goals and areas of focus.

I have begun with the help of a good friend Kurt a new cycling team. THRIVE Cycling Team has started as an invitation based race team promoting the sport of competitive cycling.  We have an elite, developmental, women's, and junior's program.  I am pumped about this and I am truly looking forward to this new venture.  I am also excited about it because it directly involves my wife and two boys.  They will all be racing under the THRIVE banner.

My wife and I have big plans for later in the year (and No it does not involve a 3rd child) and I am looking forward to those.  My goals as well as my family's goals are lining up and it is quickly looking like 2012 will be a breakout year for the Bernstein family.  It is here that I will give pause to my good news and do a little reflection on 2011.  Not that I won't give you insight into the coming year but I don't want to spill all my beans in this little ditty.

With the close of 2011, I am stepping down as president of the Altoona Triathlon Club.  For the past four years I have been encompassed, engrossed, and at times overwhelmed with this project.  What began as a couple of friends saying we should form a club, opened the door to the creation of a 100 member club that benefits entire communities.  I have always felt a need to do more, to share what I know, and to try and give back in some form.

I dove in and built a club from scratch. I learned and had hiccups along the way.   I had a lot of help in the process, and to those I say thank you.  I have had opportunities stem from this venture that I otherwise may have never had.  I have seen people find a sport that they never knew existed and excel in it.  At times it felt like a job and I admit there was a time that I got buried and was not very happy in what I was doing.  But I think that is natural for any leader or organizer.  After all, an organization is only as strong as it membership is, and I tried to remember that in every venture that ATC took on.

After four years I am stepping back and looking from the outside in.  I question myself as to whether I kept to the original intent of the club's mission, and I have to answer yes.  In four years ATC gave $8500 to charity, created a race that has made a name for itself in a community that needed one, and helped over 100 athletes find one another and learn together that triathlon is fun.

I extend a big heartfelt thanks to those that helped the club succeed, sponsors that stood behind us, and to all the members that make ATC possible.  I hope that 2012 will bring continued success and a clear vision of what ATC can do and bring to the community.   As for me 2011 was a great year.  THRIVE Multisport is growing and helping new athletes find their way to success in their goals. 

2012 looks to be busy, fun, and exciting.  I plan on updating you on my continued musings and stories from the trail.  We have more trips, training, and projects coming and I can't wait to share my biggest news, but that is a story yet to be written...