Sunday, July 24, 2011

Focus on You

  Most of us have the opportunity to go to sleep and relax our bodies and minds, and start off on a fresh slate the next day.  The next morning is the most opportune time to really get your goals in order.  Perhaps you had a bad day prior, a lousy experience, or things just haven't gone your way.  With the next day you have the ability to start fresh.
  It is always important to set the tone for the day first thing.  Ever notice that when you oversleep, have a crick in your neck, or just had a bad night sleep the day just does not go well?  The first morning light brings the opportunity to set your goals.  Have a big workout? Have a lot of errands? Running the kids around all day?  Whatever the day may bring it is important to take the first few moments of the day to set your goals and focus on you.
  The world can wait a bit.  Asking yourself what do you want to accomplish out of each day you start is quite important.  If you are going to change your life, and stay on track you need these little moments. I think we all make an effort to start off right, but often times somewhere the day may go askew.  Again it is at that moment you need to reset, refocus, and restart.  Focus on what you need, where you are going. 
  Every day we start has to have a purpose.  Even if we choose to veg, there is a purpose.  Our bodies are smarter than we think.  Your body tells you many things if you take the opportunity to listen.  Crave sugar, legs heavy, just in a mental rut?  Take the moment and listen, there is a way to fix and change where you are headed every day.  It just takes the willingness and want to change.
  Life has many opportunities that are unknown unless you are willing to seek them out.  Live each day with a purpose.  Start each day with a goal, and be sure that your goals extend beyond just getting out of bed.  Your life will be so much more rewarding if you focus on your needs and set your daily goals.  Live with your cup full rather than leaving the question of whether it is half empty or half full. 

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