Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding your smile

This past weekend I got to watch a sprint triathlon that occurs in my neighboring town.  It is an odd time for me in the fact that I am a spectator, chief of support crew, or head kid wrangler.  Any way you look at it I was not competing.  My wife and all five of my athletes happenned to be racing though, so it was the first time I get to watch my work happen.

The morning was fun and full of anticipation.  I hopped on my bike and rode with my sons to the race site.  An easy 6 mile ride with the burley in tow.  I watched my older son, Connor (9), stay with me with a smile.  He stated proudly, "Dad I am hanging in your draft, and it's easy."  I looked at the speedo and we were cruising along at 18mph.  He was excited.  He has been working so hard to pedal right and use good mechanics, which he kept reminding me of.

We reached the site, and I made quick rounds to see all of my athletes before the starting gun went off.  I always make sure to see my wife and give her a kiss and smack on the butt just to remind her to push hard and have fun.  My sons and I found some good viewing spots and we waited to see the first of our athletes.

Jeff came through first, then Brooke, when my wife came in we cheered loudly and gave her some quick advice and once again hollered for her to have fun, then came Brad, ecstatic to have finished his first competitive open water swim, Jackie came along looking strong, then Katie also made her way into transition.  Once the athletes were out we moved to the finish line.

I saw all my athletes cross the line, in various states of determination and expresions.  Kerrie came through and my older son took off to help pace her in, he is very good in the final 200 meters having paced me and Kerrie in for a number of years now.  The one moment that really made me proud was seeing Jackie in the final stretch.  She had a smile that went ear to ear.  She had done something that she had never done before.  She had confidence, she felt good, she had the knowledge and willingness to finish her race.

I loved to see and hear their stories of the expectations and realities they faced throughout the race.  More importantly I loved to hear that they wanted more.  They had genuine fun.  They wanted to go longer, faster, and harder in their next ventures.  I look forward to seeing them continue reaching their goals.  I am here to help you reach your goals, but more importantly, I am here to help you reset and reach the new goals as well.  "Commit to the Effort".  Continue to race with a smile...

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