Saturday, June 25, 2011

Breaking the Ice

I recently had a brand new opportunity placed in my lap.  Part of my venture with THRIVE is to incorporate public speaking.  I have done some lunch and learns and small group talks but this was my first paying gig.  I was anxious and eager to finally throw my hat in the ring and grab a hold of this opportunity.

My message runs along the lines "How I changed my life, and how you can change yours."  I believe that stories from a personal standpoint are very effective.  Through my activites in triathlon, rock climbing, firefighting, and just my life in general I have a variety of experiences to fall back on.  I have acheived the change in my life because I took the steps to ensure success.  I found a place to start, I committed myself, I was determined, I found a sense of passion, I finished, then most importantly, I RESET my goal to progress on.

Goals and the importance of resetting your goals is where my niche lies. Too often we get caught up and focused solely on the one goal we may have that we forget about the little things.  Life is busy and if you are narrowly focused you miss the beauty and events happenning around.  So as you set the goal, be sure to take in the entire experience.

The reward of acheiving that first goal are two fold.  First they give you a sense of accomplishment and reward since you enjoyed the journey, and hopefully it leaves with the desire to do more and continue on.  The second, is a bit of depression due focusing solely on the single achievement.  Remember when it comes to goals avoid the depression and enjoy the journey.

Changing your life is easy.  Being Committed to change your life and make it stick is the hard part. 

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