Thursday, June 16, 2011

What is THRIVE Multisport

  I started THRIVE for a couple of reasons.  I have spent the past 3.5 years creating and organizing the Altoona Triathlon Club in Iowa.  This has been a rewarding, learning, and time consuming project.  The club now has over 100 members and is headed in the right direction.  We have continually focused on the family aspect of triathlon and keeping families fit through fitness.
  We put on numerous clinics and group workouts and I found that quite frequently I was always leading them.  I would take time with new members and help them to learn the basic skills so they would enjoy being a part of the group.  As I did this more and more I found that I really enjoyed seeing people succeed and grow into their fitness of choice.
  With the club functioning I found my son, Connor (9), taking an interest in starting events and wanting to learn how to be more involved.  So we sat down as a family and made the decision to formally create a company that would be a legacy and pave the way for my boys to chase after their dreams. 
  The name was the hardest part.  THRIVE is what I want my clients to achieve.  I want them to learn how to train properly, be well rounded and educate themselves.  I want to share the tools that I have learned and help them find the passion to keep progressing in their goals. So as you see THRIVE athletes on the course, know that they are knowledgeable and have a full understandng of how and why they are doing certain things.  They will push to succeed and reap the benefits they seek.
  Know that THRIVE also offers other services: Motivational Speaches for your business functions, Race Direction, and Consultation services.  Check us out at

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