Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homework, Educate, and Set Forth

I had a great conversation with one of my athletes the other day.  He has been an active runner for some time and is becoming a bit bored with were he is at.  He loves to run, but was searching for more. He found my card in a race a bag and thought triathlon may be the ticket to rejuvinating his passion for fitness.

Coach Bernie is ready to Hurt
When he came to me he knew nothing about the sport other than it was a swim, a bike, and a run.  He did not know how to swim, and he lacked an actual bike.  He could run like the dickens though.  Well we hit the pool and he discovered that through a little persistance he would be able to survive and even do well in the swim portion.  With a little monetary investment on his part he was able to purchase a bike and he was now on his way to becoming a triathlete.

Having yet to compete in a triathlon, he has already begun the search for something more meaningful to direct his training.  My athlete works with a father that I have networked with a couple of years ago when I started my club's Stinkfoot 5k.  Greg, has two daughters with AT (  Greg has asked my athlete to join in the cause in some manner.

My athlete has been following my exploits with my new venture Worth the Hurt and saw a possible opportunity to get more involved.  It is my thought that all a person needs is information and purpose and they can make a world of difference.  Do your homework, educate yourself, then set your mission.  Too often people rush in to something only to fizzle in the end or just dabble rather than making the true commitment.

It is with Worth the Hurt and the families of AT Cure that I am setting forth to make my difference.  I am ready to leave my mark.  As I watched helplessly as one of the families I just got to know lose their child, I really had to wonder if I could make a difference. It is with subtle acts of kindness and help from total strangers we can make a difference in a family or child's life. 

Two athletes with a Very big heart
I think my athlete is on the right track.  When you get involved in changing your life, you find not only you change yours but you begin to help change others.  He will leave his mark.  I will leave mine,  question now is, will you?

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