Sunday, May 20, 2012

Figuring It All Out

So I had a great idea on one of my runs.  I thought it would be cool to take my readers along with me and video tape my run on the day.  Well as we all know sometimes the best intentions do not always fall into place.  I had my phone with me, I was loaded up with my pack, wearing my AT Cure gear, and set out for a short infomercial style run.

I had a great one on one session with, you, my reader.  I told you what I was feeling when I run.  I explained the process of taking on the task of being a representative of something much bigger than yourself.  Taking on the ultra marathon could become a very daunting feat, if I were to look at the task as a whole.  Fortunately I take all my training one day at a time.

Also on this run, I spoke of the passion I have for everything that I do.  I care deeply about how I represent those that have asked me to do so.  I stress the importance of being an honorable person.  Seeing every task and every day through clear to the end.  I know what I have commited to.  I explained that there will be ups and downs.  I have been through some already.  It takes a team.

I had to cut off at this point in the filming because I made a turn into the headwind, so at this time you can pause reading. Stretch, run in place, grab a jump rope.  Go to and donate to my team Jason AT Cure.

Picking back up in the filming a bit more sweaty, I answered some more figurative questions.  The big one being what do you think about when you run or train for that matter?  Considering I train for Ironman as well as ultra marathon this is a three part answer. When I swim, I think, "stroke, pull, breathe, that chick next to me is hot (yes dear that is you), stroke, pull, breathe."  When I bike, I think, "Put the hammer down, keep your mouth closed and your ears open, steady rythym, let it fly." 

Finally when I run, I think, "I run for those that can't.  I do not like to run, but I can run.  It is relaxing, but I hate to run. I can run, and I will run. I will run for however long it takes.  I run for myself, my wife and my boys.  I hate to run.  I am running because I am committed. I am running because I believe in the cause.  I believe that there is nothing stronger than family.  I am running because I can make a difference."

Well, this all came out great on my little video.  But here is why this is not a video blog.  I did not realize that when I filmed from my phone that I had to turn the phone sideways.  When I went to download the video, I had to turn the computer sideways in order to watch it properly.  So if you happen to know how to change the rotation of video from a camera phone would you help me out.

Thanks again for helping me to make a difference.

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