Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Journey Comes Full Circle

Nearly eleven years ago my wife had the idea that she wanted to do a triathlon.  She was about 1 year past the birth of our first son.  We lived in a small town, we were over weight and out of shape.  She had reached the point that many people come to and something in her life had to change.  Little did I know that the change needed in her life would also take place in mine.

We knew nothing about triathlon at the time, but we got her a bike, shoes, and she had already been an accomplished swimmer.  She trained for a few months and the race day arrived.  I went as a supporting husband and with a belief that I would never do what she was doing.  Afterall I did not swim well and dreaded running.  I waited and watched her compete. Quickly an envy had built within me and I thought maybe I can do what she is doing.

Fast forward a year.  I had a bike, Kerrie taught me to swim, and I ran.  We trained together.  We read and educated ourselves on how to train.  We began to learn about our new chosen lifestyle.  Together we made an absolute lifestyle change.  Within a year we were a mere shadow of our former selves. We had become triathletes.  I caught the speed bug and began to push harder to go faster, while Kerrie was happy with being steady with a subtle desire to go fast.  I think she had also grown envious of how fast I had gotten causing a bit of friction.

As the years continued we each got faster though the workouts seemed to be riddled with arguments over who was setting the pace or who was going to workout when.  It is funny to think that we never were selfish in the argument and both of us wanted the other to go and get their work out in.  We had devised two ways for us to be happy in our workouts.  She had the evenings and I had the mornings.  She had her workout partners and I had mine.  We enjoyed our chosen lifestyle, we became successful, healthy, and happy.  Though in the middle years I missed working out with Kerrie.

This winter we had a long talk about her goals.  She decided this was the year for her Ironman.  She asked me to join her in the accomplishing this goal. I was overjoyed at the chance to workout with my partner again. Though our speeds were different I had faith we could make it work.  We had both grown and learned the same philosophies so it seemed we would go well together throughout the whole experience. 

As I write this I am less than two weeks from my ultramarathon and less than 6 weeks from our Ironman.  The entire year has been the best I have ever had.  I have enjoyed having the best training partner a guy could ever ask for.  We have grown together more and our relationship is stronger than it ever has been.  Our workouts have been seamless.  We have picked each other up and pushed ourselves through the lows and been a cheerleader during the highest of highs.  I know I can not do what I do without her.  She had the desire to change our life ten years ago.  I am glad I listened.

Our journey has come full circle.  We are back at where we began, but much healthier and happier in our life.  We have set our goals. We have communicated, orchestrated, and dominated!  Kerrie will be successful in accomplishing her goals as will I.  Together we are commited, together we will enjoy the ride.  All the while our two boys have the absolute best role model any guy could ask for. 

As my theme song for the year states, "Now is the moment, I have waited for, I will not quit... Kick ASS!!!"

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