Monday, April 16, 2012

What Am I Doin?!

I have alluded to many of you that this year of racing is different than my years past.  I have found through discussion with some close friends that there are three things that matter most when it comes to enjoying my passion and hobby of racing.  I need answers for "Where?", the "How?", and most importantly "for what Purpose?"

I think the first question was a relatively easy concepts to grasp.  For the past ten years I have raced across the US in various events from triathlon, running, and cycling.  My hobby has focused primarily on the sport of triathlon.  I have raced the coast line, the mountains, the plains, and in all weather conditions. So I have thoroughly covered the "Where" question with the answer of "Anywhere".

The second question of "How" often times really had me focus on the juggling act that is life.  In our household life does not and I repeat does not revolve around my schedule.  I have two boys and a wife that all seek to race, live, and look for my attention.  I also have a career and second company that require attention.  When I look at my race season for the next year I have to consider my goals and the time I can commit to achieving success in whatever it is I focus on for the year. So to answer the "How" I say "Compromise".

The third question "for what Purpose?" leads me into my newest venture. There has always been a purpose in my training.  It first was to lose weight. Well, I went from 215 to 165.  The second was to see how fast I can go.  For example my average sprint triathlon went from 1 hour 28 min to 1 hr 9 min.  Then I stepped into let me see how far I can go. I went far by completing Ironman Louisville.  That brings me to the present date.  I have always raced and trained with my family front and foremost in my mind.  I wanted to set the bar and show my boys that anything is possible.

My boys have gotten the message and they are now both pushing themselves and trying hard in every endeavor they take on.  So here I am now, I have set the example, I love to train, I love to go far, and I am constantly seeking another challenge.  The challenge has finally come calling; Can I be that guy that carries a cause and can I be the example to many on a national scale.

My friend Tim Borland recommended me to an organization based out of the San Francisco Marathon. They were trying to find a couple of athletes that would be willing to tackle an ultra-marathon (52.4 miles) in July in San Francisco.  In brief they would help financially if I were to race for a cause and give all money to a charity.  Tim Borland has been the face of AT Cure since the mid 2000's.  He has raised over $250,000 for this charity through his actions and athletic efforts.  Those are monumental numbers and big shoes to fill.

This season I have focused on the cause AT Cure.  Ataxia-telangiectasia combines the worst symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, immune deficiencies, and cancer.  This is a disease whereas the children do not survive their teens and the disease is genetic.  This is not just a disease that affects the child, it affects the entire family and family line.  I was introduced to this organization about 3 years ago and felt an instant connection.  AT affects 500 children nation wide and more and more families are being diagnosed.  I urge you to check out for more information.

Well, Worth the Hurt,, came to me and asked me to race for them for this year.  I would dedicate all my training and all my races to them and AT Cure.  I have already found the "Purpose" in what it is exactly I am searching for.  I raced about two weeks ago in Galveston, TX.  I made a couple of stops along the way to start making the "connection" with the families.  I was able to meet two children, Jared Digby and Lana Little.  I met Jared (29) in the hospital where he has been battling various invasions since February and I met Lana (8) at lunch who is now primarily confined to a wheelchair. 

Meeting these two children has put the bigger "Purpose" in my racing.  Before I left Texas, I saw Jared one more time.  I left my medal and bib with him to encourage him and his family.  It gave a chance for my boys to see racing as not just something to prove to themselves but something that can give hope to others.  I am trying to raise money not just by the sponsorships that Worth the Hurt has provided but also through my families efforts this year.  We are challenging everyone to donate a dollar for every mile my boys put in, and 50 cents for every mile my wife and I put in.

Just to update you:
Connor (10) - 25 miles last week
Cooper (4) - 5 miles last week
Kerrie - 75 miles
ME - 94 miles
Total cash to match : $114.50  Donations can be made to or contact me for other methods.

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  1. Thank You for your kind heart and for all of your efforts to help us find a CURE for A-T.