Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seeking Admiration

            It seems to me that I am often try to model myself after those that I admire.  I think it is natural.  If you see some attribute that you like or find, it resonates within you and you begin to mold to that look.  This is sometimes good and sometimes not so much.

Miranda Carefree & Connor

            The beginning of this month I had the opportunity to spend some time with some really amazing people. I met Olympians, world champions, and people that put forth efforts that most normal people would not understand nor appreciate.  In meeting most of these individuals I found humility and their surprising willingness to speak about most anything. 
            I try to not act like a “tourist” for lack of better words, when I meet these athletes.  I look up to them a bit and constantly strive to push myself in the same manner and effort that they do.  I know that I will never be at their caliber, but I try.  I make sure my boys take a moment to watch them and help them to understand what hard work and dedication looks like in action. 
            It is my hope that my boys pursue their dreams as they grow.  Perhaps in meeting some of these amazing people something will click and they too find their niche.  I truly hope they find happiness in their endeavors.  In seeking out the people I admire I am able to share with my boys the qualities that I believe will help them be successful in life.
            Keeping my boys grounded yet allowing them to fail, succeed, grow, and learn on their own are rungs on life’s ladder.  The elite people in the world of sport suffered their setbacks and achieved some of their highest set goals, all the while they never stopped.  I think that is what I seek to share with my boys the most; don’t stop.
            We are surrounded by ways to be a success, some seek it, some write it, some live it.  I am for sure that I will live it for my boys, so they can model it and soon enough begin to feel the rewards of their own success.  You can find a lot of distinct qualities in elite athletes.  You just have to have the chutzpah to approach them.  I think they want to share with you as much as you want to share with them.  We are all human and we all have our moments, just be sure to pick the right moments (awkward inside shout out to Sam McGlone). 
             The more we keep our kids active, sometimes we miss the opportunity to have that time to impress on them why we keep them active.  They can quickly fall into a humdrum or go through the motions in their activities and as parents we can become frustrated with them.  But if we take the time to have them watch and talk with people like Liz Blatchford, Bella, and Rinny, the more they can start to pick up on the qualities that are needed to be successful not just in sport, but in life.  I know it is my job as a parent to do this, but some outside support never hurts. 

Liz Blatchford, Kerrie, Me, Annabelle Luxford

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